Our founder, an acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist, has been taking and studying the medicinal effects of mushrooms for several years. Disappointed with the entirety of market offerings for medicinal mushrooms, he set out to bring their missed benefits to others. The obstacles are many but we continue to be rewarded by customer satisfaction. We enjoy low overhead and marketing cost to bring you a low margin, high quality product. We source all of our mushroom extracts from the exact same supplier as some of the biggest names in the business, and bring even further value through our stringent testing.

Here are a few points to consider when adding medicinal mushrooms to your health regimen.

•Most medicinal mushrooms are not digestible in their raw or powdered form. They must be extracted by one of various methods.

•Mycelia extracts are rich in polysaccharides and can have benefits for the immune system. However these compounds are also found in the actual mushroom fruiting body along with many other unique compounds with more dynamic benefits. It is also difficult or near impossible to separate mycelia from the growing medium, resulting in substrate contaminating the end product. This is why the other guys list “brown rice” or other non active-ingredients on their label. As it turns out mushroom “biomass” and mycelia cost a fraction of the price of actual mushrooms.

•Our products are all medicinal strength extracts of actual fruiting bodies. (We make an exception for Lion’s Mane as it does have at least one group of compounds unique to the mycelia.)

•All of our products are free of excipients, flow enhancers, or other non-mushroom additives. We do not use maltodextrin or starch in any of our products, so do use care when storing our extracts—these additives are used by other companies partly to prevent caking or clumping of the powdered extract. Thus ours should be stored in a dry environment sealed from any humidity.

•We use pure (beef) gelatin capsules. We do offer vegetarian capsules upon request.

•Every batch of our products undergo testing for certain biological contaminants as well as heavy metals. All of our extracts are produced in GMP regulated facilities. We also periodically do third party testing for heavy metals, the results of which have been exceptional every time. The reports can be found on individual item pages or can be requested by email.

•You can view what other customers have been saying about our high quality products here.

Thank you for browsing our website. Sometimes it takes a little research to find the small business dedicated to quality and doing things right, but we are glad you found us.

Gelatin from natural sources has been quietly acknowledged for over a century to promote the health of the digestive tract, as well as cartilage, bones, skin, immune system, heart and muscles.
Some preliminary studies show that vegetarian capsule options, which are simply indigestible sugars like hypromellose and Pullalan, may actually cause some harm to gut flora and may even be carcinogenic.