Ganoderma Extract (Red Reishi)

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Ah Reishi. The king of herbs. The mushroom of immortality. Why did it sit among the top of all the herbs on the list of the old masters one might ask. Cordyceps is fantastic. Ginseng is empowering. What is it about Reishi…

Well, my lips are sealed. My journey with Reishi mushroom, and especially the spore oil, has been a facilitator in inward study, while also heightening my sensitivity to the living world around me. Reishi can act as a lamppost aiding ones efforts of discovering a little more of the iceberg that is human potential.

We have three different versions of Reishi that elucidate the best aspects of the mushroom. We prefer slowly grown, mature Red Reishi, grown on its natural substrate–solid, hardwood logs (not sawdust). We test our products using third party, ICP MS laboratory testing for heavy metals, and ours complies well beyond the strictest of standards.

When comparing mushroom products, be sure to compare beta glucan content. Beta glucans are a main active constituent of the fruiting body. We could offer a much weaker reishi extract, with no beta glucan content listed, for a tenth the price!

30%+ polysaccharides, 10%+ β-glucans, 2.0%+ Triterpenes 

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3.5oz(100g), 7oz (200g), 14oz (400g), 2Lb (907g)

2 reviews for Ganoderma Extract (Red Reishi)

  1. 5 out of 5


    Alive and complete, this product is of exceptional quality.

  2. 5 out of 5


    This is supreme Red Reishi! I’m a long time Reishi-consumer and I’ve tried several various products over the years, which were never cheap, yet I was disappointed to find out about the kind of fillers they used in their capsules. Instead of just putting only mushroom powders in their caps, they add these additives like bamboo powder, rice powder, and then say “take 3 capsules a day” (one would be enough, if they didn’t dilute their product so much…). It’s simply greedy and basically dishonest, because they hide this fact. Mushroom Shen doesn’t seem to do this, they are also humble and the prices are still very affordable, I’m so happy I found this company!! Feeling good and healthy taking their Reishi for 4 months, the benefits are too many to list, but I figured out I can’t live without taking this mushroom, as it helps so much with inflammation, basic well-being, mood, and maybe more things than I realize! Thank you so much for your work, keep it up and stay pure.

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