What makes a supplement worthwhile?

The supplement industry is amass with low quality, cheapened, and even worthless products. Most of the herbs used in supplements have little value for daily use. Medicinal mushrooms on the other hand, are arguably the most well researched, well qualified natural products to be used as supplements in the world. They are also among the most costly to produce properly. Unsatisfied with the current market offerings for medicinal mushroom products, our founder, an acupuncturist and herbalist, set out to provide quality, real mushroom products.

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Only medicinal strength extracts.

Additive Free

Only mushrooms in our capsules.


Our products are third party analyzed for heavy metals. Ours are among the cleanest in the industry.

Mushroom Shen – What’s in a name?

Chinese medicine is an ancient art that has been carefully recorded and refined as it has been passed down generation by generation for more than two millennia.  Several herbal formulas in use today have been in consistent use for 13 or more centuries.  The herbs in these formulas have been in use by each generation, slowly being modified by refinements and expansions, only the best of which have survived the test of time.  The result is an incredibly sophisticated system of herbal knowledge.

Somewhere around 2,700 years ago, the first known Chinese pharmacopoeia was recorded, classifying herbs based on usefulness. The herbs for correcting serious illness were often toxic and only suitable for short term use.  There was an intermediate category, and then the superior herbs.  Superior herbs were safe for daily use and often resulted in greater longevity.  These were not only strengthening to some part of the body, but also resulted in increased “balance” for the organism, prolonging life.  The highest regarded of these herbs was Ling Zhi, Ganoderma or Reishi mushroom.  Reishi is also considered the highest “shen” tonic in Chinese medicine.  It is among the safest, most widely tolerated, and useful supplements in the world.

Enter MushroomShen.  We are a provider of high grade superior herbs and medicinal mushroom extracts.  We are also formulators of medicinal mushroom capsule products.  We take no shortcuts on our products…take our Reishi capsules, for example, which contain 5.5% triterpenes by weight, the highest of any in the industry.  Our MushroomDaily formula contains all extracts, and all from fruiting bodies (actual mushrooms).  Our Ganoderma spore oil is carefully handled and packaged to ensure the freshest and highest quality product available.  We find the highest grade tonic herb extracts on a batch by batch basis. If what is available does not meet our standards, it does not make it to our line.

When you compare our products to the leading mushroom products, there really is no comparison. Even the best names use powdered mushroom ingredients, often mycelia, which is inherently contaminated with the inseparable substrate on which is was grown, often brown rice–as the main ingredient.  We are also over all levels of production of our product. No pesticides or anti organism solutions are used at any stage of production or processing for any mushroom product.  Many of our extracts come from wild harvested mushrooms.  Part of our commitment to quality also includes periodic, third party independent heavy metals analysis. So far our products have all come in far better than standard threshold, and better than the competition.

Feel free to peruse our website or our online reviews. We are still a small operation, and we’re committed to doing things correctly.  Thank you for visiting our website. If you have any questions, please contact us directly. Our knowledgeable staff is happy to help with even the most complex questions and inquiries.